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Our team has acquired over 35 years of industry experience in both Sudbury and surrounding areas

Why Install Irrigation?

Lush Grass

Your lawn looks great and healthy because it's never left without water.

Time Saving

You'll save time not having to water your lawn by hand.

Optimal Watering

Your lawn will not be over or under watered -- sometimes too much can be a bad thing!

Save Water and Money

On average, automatic lawn sprinklers use less water than watering by hand.

No Messy Hoses

Say goodbye to hoses all over the yard, and having to move them every time you want to mow.

Bylaw Compliant

The sprinklers automatically turn on at the best time to water during allowed bylaw timeframes.

Quality Components

Our installations use high quality Hunter® brand components and we service systems from all of the other large manufacturers.

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